Guernsey Association of Pension Providers becomes a GIBA member association

22 January 2024

Guernsey Association of Pension Providers (GAPP) has become a member association of The Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA).

Formed in 1990, GAPP represents the interests of all those involved in the pension sector in Guernsey. The association aims to share a knowledge of pension issues and make representations as appropriate to States bodies and the Guernsey Financial Services Commission on pension matters.

GAPP’s members are local professionals who operate pension arrangements and other forms of provision for retirement in Guernsey. The association is also open to trustees and other professionals with an interest in the sector.

Paul Sykes, Chair of GIBA said: ‘GIBA is the representative body of the financial services industry in Guernsey, which represents and promotes the common interests of our members and Guernsey’s international finance industry. Whilst the banking and insurance and funds and fiduciary (trust) industries are long-established sectors of Guernsey’s financial services infrastructure, the pension providers are becoming a more and more important part of our finance industry.  The pension sector is increasingly acknowledged as a ‘fifth pillar’ of the sector. As we proudly welcome GAPP, we strengthen our representation of the financial services industry in Guernsey.’

Roger Berry, Vice President of GAPP, said: ‘GIBA’s connections with the other local associations are invaluable and we’re proud to join forces to discuss and influence current issues. We’re looking forward to working more closely with the Association and its member associations in the coming months.’